What to Bring to
Your Appointment

Your General Practitioner must be consulted first to decide if a orthopaedic
surgeon is suitable for you and to obtain the appropriate referral.

Referral letter from your GP or other doctor

Referral letter from your GP or other doctor

Your Medicare card and health fund details

Your Medicare card and health fund details

Your insurance or workers compensation information if relevant

Doctors’ letters regarding your medical health/history

List of medications if appropriate

List of medications
if appropriate

Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Beaches Hospital 

Dr Sew Hoy’s rooms are located on Level 7 of the Northern Beaches Hospital. Take the “B” set of lifts up to Level 7, and follow the signs to Suite 20. Paid parking is available on site and buses drop off near the hospital. 

Mater Clinic

Dr Sew Hoy’s rooms are in the Mater Clinic, which is located within the Mater Hospital (25 Rocklands Road, Wollstonecraft). The easiest access is through the main hospital entrance, and then following the signs to the Mater Clinic. Once you are in the clinic area, take the lifts up to Level 1. When you walk out of the lift, our suite is down the hallway directly across from you, Suite 1.15.

There is a limited amount of free on street parking. Paid parking is available in the hospital underground car park. 

The consultation fee is $235.00. If you have a Medicare card and referral with you, when you pay your account at the completion of your appointment we will be able to submit your claim to Medicare for you. Your rebate from Medicare will be $78.05. If you have registered your bank details with Medicare, they will transfer the money directly to your account. If you have not registered your bank details with Medicare, please call 132 011 prior to your appointment. If you do not bring a referral you will not receive a rebate from Medicare.

Please bring your Medicare card, Health Fund card (if applicable) and any relevant X-rays/MRI/CT scans (only if you have been instructed by us to bring hard copies). Please complete the New Patient form we have provided, and bring it with you to your appointment.

You will receive an SMS reminder one business day prior to your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please phone or email the rooms on the contact details above.

Time will be taken foremost to listen, to then perform a physical examination, to review X-rays and other relevant radiology images, to assess and discuss your problem and then to construct a management plan. The management plan may or may not recommend surgery.

Manage is the key word. In the first instance, this may mean modifying or even reducing your activity levels in and around the house, to try a period of physiotherapy aimed at muscle strengthening, to take pain medication when required, but importantly overtime, to ‘listen’ to what your arthritic hip or arthritic knee is telling you.

Your medical file is handled to respect and protect your privacy. A letter regarding your consultation is sent to your GP. You may request a copy of this letter.

Prime importance is to be comfortable with the decision to proceed with surgery. It can seem that there is a lot of information to process, but take a little time to understand some of the key points about the surgery. Feel free to ask any questions as they arise.

A medical clearance for surgery to assess your fitness for an anaesthetic, may be required. Dr Sew Hoy will provide the referral and where appropriate, will liaise directly with your current medical specialists. You may be required to attend the hospital pre-admission clinic where the pre-operative tests for an anaesthetic can be performed.

CT scans and specific X-rays are required in preparation for the anterior total hip replacement or robotic total knee replacement. The CT scans and specific X-rays are important for hip and knee replacement component measurement and to guide correct component alignment.

It can be helpful to run through a checklist: 

  • There may be pre-surgery skin antiseptic wash instructions to be followed, but if this is not required, then shower normally. 
  • Remember to follow the fasting instructions and which of your normal medicines to take at the normal time, or which of your normal medicines you have been instructed to omit. 
  • Bring you medicines including inhalers and drops each in their original packets, so that they can be checked by the hospital team. 
  • Double check where and when to arrive, pack personal items, and check your instructions for the family/friends regarding your home.

The specialist anaesthetic doctor will discuss with you an anaesthetic plan that is based on safety and derived from your medical status. There are different types of anaesthetic techniques that may be required in combination for surgery. The anaesthetist will also discuss a post-operative pain relief plan. 

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